A Day in the Life of a JWA Intern: We’re in Kookie Haven

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We offer a lot of hands-on experience to our interns at JWA, and are admittedly very selective on who we choose to bring into our offices every semester. We look for self-starters with creative energy that are thirsty to know the ins and outs of public relations and marketing. Our interns work hard, and so for that, we let them venture out to explore what our clients are doing in the field. Sometimes, that allows them to munch on cupcakes.

On one especially hot Thursday, Courtney decided she was craving a snack, Mira was getting chilly at her desk, and Briana was itching to get out of the office. So, #TeamJWA decided to take a trip to visit one of our sweetest clients, Kookie Haven

They jumped into the backseat of the JWA convertible and rode, top-down, on the highways of Dallas. While Mira was already in content creation mode with her camera in hand, Briana and Courtney were busy trying to get their hair under control and protect their faces from going numb from the wind. 

Once they came to a stop and regained their ability to hear, the team was welcomed into Kookie Haven with open arms and the beautiful scent of those delicious, one-of-a-kind cupcakes.

Briana ran over to the cupcake counter to greet our client: three wonderful sisters who embody the spirit of family business. They showed us around, told us about their use of high-quality ingredients and Madagascar-imported vanilla, and guided us through their beautiful and extensive menu. 

To make sure to taste the variety of the menu, each team member selected a different flavor. From tuxedo, red velvet, wedding cake, banana, and key lime pie cupcakes, to one delicious brownie sundae, the team got to taste a delicious range of what Kookie Haven has to offer.

The saying “phone eats first” describes the tendency to take a picture of your food before you eat it, and that’s definitely the style the girls operated in at this moment. With multiple cameras out and flashing, the team ran around meticulously placing the food to snap some great shots and grab some fun content for all of Kookie Haven’s promotional needs!

After lots of pictures–some featuring the girls, some featuring the cupcakes, some featuring the iconic Oak Cliff mural wall–the team finally sat down to sink their teeth into the batch of mouthwatering treats before them. 

The interns found that the tuxedo cupcake really suited them! The key lime pie flavor was absolutely scrumptious, the wedding cake made them hear church bells, and the banana cupcake was very a-peeling (and surprisingly, 100% vegan!). The red velvet was definitely the team favorite though: it was the most decadent and delicious red velvet rendition that the team had ever had! 

With the cutest ambience, friendliest faces, and sweetest treats, Kookie Haven is sure to delight. See all of their delicious posts on Instagram, and stay in touch with upcoming events on their Facebook.

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