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A picture is with a million words.


They – whoever “they” are – were correct to say that perception is reality. A well crafted image or video can be worth more than ten positive op-ed pieces. Why? because we live in an era that responds much more to imagery than text. You have to admit that when you are scrolling down Facebook, more likely than not, you will stop on a posting that has a picture or video feed. We are an emotional people to say the least, and we want to feel what you are feeling.



Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are so popular because we are able to express who we are, what we love, and what is important to us through images. We respond to things that resonate with our own lives and lifestyles. This is why it is crucial for clients to embrace the need for “artwork” even if they tend to be camera shy.



Remember, we at JWA are artists. Media, and media production is written into our DNA. We offer a variety of media services to fit every need. Need a promotional video? Done. Want new biography pictures? We got you covered. Some other areas of expertise:



  • Commercials and Public Service Announcements
  • Corporate identity productional material
  • Editorial and biography prints
  • Introductory web videos
  • Product Placement Images


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