The Value of the Modern Activation Campaign

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Public Relations practitioners are constantly learning how to make the brands they represent stand out amongst the crowd. We work day and night to give the product, company or individual we believe in the visibility we know they deserve. 

The recent influx of large activation campaigns have allowed business-to-consumer experiences to reach new heights. Modern activation campaigns can create long-lasting emotional connections with their target consumers in a way that is direct, memorable and personal. 

For example, the online clothing retailer, Revolve has a strangely strategic habit of sending top models and Instagram influencers to sought-after destinations around the world. Just recently, they sent Olivia Culpo and other A-list models to Japan in exchange for flooding the feeds of Instagram users with pictures of them in iconic locations wearing clothes from Revolve using #revolvearoundtheworld.

This strategy targets their main customer base, millennial or college-aged women who have wanderlust and access to parental funds, they have brought the millennial woman’s greatest fantasy to their handheld device. What 25 to 30-year-old single woman doesn’t want to travel the world and look amazing doing it? Now, the hash tag is immediately recognizable under any Instagram post. 

Another, perhaps more direct, approach was GoGo SqueeZ Goodness Machine.

GoGo Squeez dropped larger-than-life packs of their squeezable applesauce in urban areas around the United States. With a press of a button, children would receive a hand-held pack of applesauce that would launch from the top of the bottle. 

This activation allowed GoGo SqueeZ to achieve direct consumer involvement and create an emotional relationship with their target audience. Now, every time you take your kid to the snacks section at Target, they will recognize GoGo SqueeZ.

Every brand has the same goal: brand visibility and consumer action. Activation campaigns make the traditional approach obsolete by creating direct business-to-consumer experiences in fun and creative ways.  Not only will you be increasing brand visibility, but also creating memorable experiences that consumers will remember and value much longer than a dinner party. 

Launching a brand and looking for a creative way in which to engage? Let us know.

Cover photo by WWD.com.

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