Our Favorite Margaritas in Dallas

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From Cinco de Mayo to summertime, many margaritas will make their way into your hands. So, #TeamJWA did the heavy lifting for you. We’ve made a list of our favorite margaritas in Dallas. It was a long journey, but we made sure to leave no glass empty and no rim un-salted. This list features frozen and on-the-rocks and is in no particular order!

Meso Maya’s Avocado Margarita

Photo courtesy of Meso Maya Comida y Copas

Why eat your guac when you can drink it? Well, not really. Meso Maya‘s crafted the perfect swirl of traditional flavors with a smooth, creamy twist. Their Avocado Margarita is a must-have! Plus, we know that keto is all the rage, so this – kind of – fits right into all diets, too.

Beto & Son’s Liquid Nitrogen Margarita

Beto & Son’s Liquid Nitrogen Margarita. Photo courtesy of @chefjulianrodarte

Two words: Liquid! Nitrogen! It’s 2019 people, leave those preconceived notions of cocktails in 2007 where they belong. Beto & Son’s Liquid Nitrogen Margarita is perfect because the nitrogen technique freezes the alcohol without adding any ice, so you don’t have to worry about pesky ice diluting your drink. Where was this science experiment when I was in school?

Frozen Margarita a la Taqueria LaVentana

Taqueria La Ventana

An easy pick to make the list. Who can say no to a quality margarita at a price that makes you say, “next round’s on me”! Whether you’re downtown or on Cedar Springs, La Ventana offers you the perfect patio to keep it hot, hot, hot.

El Bolero’s Cocina Mexicana’s House Special

El Bolero Comida Mexicana

El Bolero is up to their elbows in margarita recipes that are so good you’ll forget your last name. We would know. But seriously, El Bolero has margaritas of all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors – their most famous being the Oilman. Life changing. Picking a favorite at El Bolero is a total Sophie’s Choice so to stay neutral, we picked their traditional recipe.

Mi Cocina’s Mambo Taxi

Mi Cocina’s Restaurant

The myth. The legend. The favorite. Mi Cocina is known for their Mambo Taxi, and what better addition to our list than a total fan-favorite. With a traditional flavor and a swirl that could actually hypnotize you, this margarita staple is a no-brainer.

Strawberry Swirl at The Mining Company

Strawberry Margarita from TMC. Photo courtesy of @waylontate

You’ve heard Deana Carter’s country anthem Strawberry Wine? Well, we’re making a remix called Strawberry Marg because these margaritas drafted at the gayberhood hot-spot TMC will make you sing like a canary! What might be an unexpected place this Cinco de Mayo is actually a go-to spot to kick off your party and keep it going like a conga line.

Are we missing someone? Weigh in and let us know where you get your margarita on. 🙂

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