BANDOH Jewelry CEO Holds Sip and See, Previews New Pearls and Stones at FoxyCo

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Diana Bandoh, one of DFW’s glitziest jewelry extraordinaires, hosted a special event on Tuesday, March 19, previewing upcoming products and designs from BANDOH Jewelry. In the Southern tradition of old, the glamorous event was crafted as a pre-reservation “sip and see” at Dallas’ popular FoxyCo restaurant.

Among the selections previewed, Diana’s newest bolero necklace was the highlight. Longer than many of her previous pearl and stone combinations, this exuberant piece made of baroque pearls and gemstones comes in purple amethyst, green onyx, pink opal, black spinel and other 50 inch exemplars of beautiful colors. As much as she loved showing off the latest designs, Diana’s favorite aspect of the evening was connecting with everyone who showed up.

Diana speaks to an enthusiastic crowd at FoxyCo Dallas. Courtesy of Shelbie Sumter.

“We had a lot of special guests attend the sip and see,” Diana said, “What surprised me the most was seeing an old friend for the first time in 15 years because she decided to attend after reading about the event from our Facebook page. Our friendship began when she was my advisor during a 2002 internship in East Texas.”

“Some of my closest friends from college and work showed up to shop and show support, which meant everything to me.”

Since deciding to start a jewelry line last April in Bali, Diana had generally kept her reasoning to herself. This sip and see marked the very first time she opened up about her whole story to a wide audience.

“Many people think I’m such a brave, courageous person for starting a local business,” Diana said, “But honestly, I wanted to start a jewelry line for almost four years, but was too scared to do anything about it until I fell in love with the gorgeous pearls from Lombok, Indonesia.”

FoxyCo, whose owners share a strong relationship with Diana, have bestowed culinary pundits and foodies with multiple types of fine dining since its 2015 opening in the Dallas Design District. After the positive reception to this event, Diana hopes it kicks off a series of upcoming outings inspiring others to try new things and ignore their fears of failure or humiliation.

Pearls and Stone by DB and The Bandoh Collection are sold on the official BANDOH website. Follow Diana and her adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Featured Images: Courtesy of Shelbie Sumter.

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