Access Counseling Group customizes treatments for patients impacted by addiction and mental disorders, CEO credits collaborative team for success

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In an era when many clinical facilities have stopped working with adolescents, Dr. Irene Little and Access Counseling Group are here to bring collaborative family dynamics to families at need.

Access, headquartered in Frisco, Texas, has successfully served teens and adults alike through its unique, individualized therapy services and addiction treatment programs. With over 20 years of counseling leadership under her belt, Dr. Irene Little started Access from the ground-up during the tail end of her graduate school years.

“I realized there was a strong overlap between mental health and communication impairments,” said Dr. Little, a speech pathologist, chemical dependency counselor and marriage and family therapist who found a need for centralized clinical services during her early years of helping people.

There was also a sizable absence of programs specializing in treating family units. Little cites an example of this being a young kid in the process of sobering at a different home than his own, but was later kicked out for “not doing his chores.”

“Learning more about him, I discovered he never even knew he had chores. It was never a part of his lifestyle and he was punished for it.”

Little founded Access in 2007 and although she operates as its face, CEO and lead Clinical Director, she firmly believes its solid track record can be attributed to the cooperative culture of her offices and how all employees champion a customized approach to treating each patient.

“Patients still have to attend group sessions and must remain abstinent,” validated Little. “But we go the extra mile to learn what makes them tick and find what they’re passionate about.”

In addition to its in-house team, Access is notable for its frequent work with agents, attorneys and case workers. Doing so ensures the instantaneousness of drug test results, case files and reports to increase the success of all patients. It helps having a nurse practitioner on the staff as well.

“Our nurse practitioner [Lisa Beaver] specializes in helping patients with a past of resisting medical compliance,” said Little. “She often works with other practitioners to further the individualization of each treatment process.”

An example of Access’ achievements comes in the form of a humble, prosperous wine distributor.

“When he was in rehab for substance abuse, several 12-step programs attempted to make him relinquish his business, which he couldn’t reconcile since wine is his business,” recalled Little. “So our Access team helped sober him and he now runs a profitable wine shop completely clean.”

Dr. Little is currently one of the most sought-after clinical speakers in her field, often invited to speak publicly on the behalf of Access and intervention pundits while instilling the optimism she has for recovery in everyone.

“We’re not just lip service,” she stated. “Access Counseling Group digs into what works for everyone to rebuild them into their whole selves again.”

For more information on Access Counseling Group, visit the official website or call 972-905-6574. Access is active on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and located at 4280 Main St #30, Frisco, Texas 75034.

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