2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Coworkers

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Are you stumped when it comes to gifts for your coworkers? Or do you not even know if you’re supposed to get your coworkers presents? We can help! Anyone will like these gifts, so if it turns out you aren’t swapping gifts, use them for someone else! Or yourself!

This candle is EVERYTHING. It smells like the perfect holiday candle but not too pine treey. It is such a nice fragrance that you don’t even have to light it, you can just open it and it will smell up the entire room.

If your coworker is the life of the party, they need these!! We’ve seen them at bachelorette parties and tailgates, but your coworker can use it for any celebration!

This fun mug will be sure to get a laugh around the office or home!

Do they love to cook? This herb infuser makes every dish just a bit more special.

Literally no one would turn down another USB cord. No one.

A journal is a great gift for a coworker! They can use it at work or anywhere else! Everyone has to take notes sometimes!

This is the upgraded version of Cards Against Humanity, and you will be sure you get a thank you card for this one!

A cute and warm infinity scarf is usually a universally accepted gift. Try it out for a spin!

Does your coworker travel a bunch? Get them a cocktail kit that they can take on the plane with them! Its TSA approved!

Do they love a particular city? Get them a city map glass of their favorite location!

We hope our series of gift guides points you in the right direction! Just remember to be thoughtful when giving gifts, and you’ll do great! Happy Holidays from Team JWA!

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