“Let’s Fix This” Is Creating Safer Neighborhoods One Spay At A Time

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There are basically two reasons why pet owners do not spay or neuter their animals: affordability and accessibility. A new initiative in Dallas has combated both of those hurdles and is currently helping dog owners create safer neighborhoods.

Let’s Fix This, a campaign whose primary mission is public safety by ending dog bites and attacks, is hosting free spay/neuter clinics in select southern Dallas neighborhoods through the end of March 2018.

The campaign has partnered with the local chapter of SPCA of Dallas and Spay Neuter Network to target zip codes in the southern sector of Dallas to provide absolutely free spay and neuter services for their animals. These communities in particular are the most impacted by an overpopulation of dogs, and benefit the most from the Let’s Fix This campaign.

By spaying and neutering dogs, the Let’s Fix This campaign has proven that it can reduce the number of roaming dogs, dog attacks, animals suffering in the streets, and greatly reduce the risk of cancer in dogs. Overpopulation in the main cause for the roaming dogs in the streets, and when those dogs are not fixed, their emotions are heightened leading to aggression and other negative outcomes.

To date, the success has been tremendous. The organizations are seeing between 500-600 clients per month, and anticipate an increase throughout the holidays. This time of year, many area animal shelters struggle to keep up growing populations, and are offering fee waived adoptions. Residents can help to alleviate the overpopulation of animals by participating in this limited project.

You can catch a glimpse of the action on Facebook and Instagram. You can also see the upcoming clinics that are available.

To schedule an appointment, contact SPCA of Dallas at 214-742-7722, or Spay Neuter Network at 972-472-3500. Appointments may also be made at their respective websites.

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