2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Family

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Are you freaking out because you don’t know what to get for everyone in your family for the holidays? Don’t worry, team JWA has got you covered! We have everyone listed with gifts in all different price points so you don’t have to fret any longer!

Holiday are supposed to be fun! Maybe try a cocktail or two.

Gifts for Mom:

Does your mom like all things beauty? Get her a gift set from Sephora and she might call you her favorite child! This Kiehl’s gift set will have her looking year younger overnight! It’s their collaboration with Kate Moss so you know it’s good!

Does your mom like to stay cozy? Get her the softest slippers from J Crew for under $30!

Is your mom a fashionista? Get her this designer inspired scarf and she will be the talk of the town!

Gifts for Dad:

Is your dad the grill master? If so, you have got to check out this spice rub sample set! It’s got 6 different rubs he can try on his smoker or grill.

Is he a sports enthusiast? Get him a framed blue print of his favorite sports stadium and maybe he will get tickets for you two of you to catch a game!

Does your dad always take notes? Get him a stylish journal to keep on hand and he will be the cool dad of the bunch for sure!

Gifts for your Sister:

Do you want to give your sister the gift of style this year? Try these faux leather leggings! They are perfect for the colder months because they are plush lined for warmth!

Does she love a statement lip? Bite beauty has got just the gift set for her!

Does she need a night of pampering? Lush has the best bath bombs that are also all natural! This particular one is vegan too and will turn her bath water pink!

Gifts for your Brother:

Is he a professional bro? Get him a gift that basically says you’re proud of him without having to actually say it to his face. This custom stamp will exude professionalism!

Does he need something comfy to wear around the house when it’s freezing? His toes will thank you for this one!

If he loves golf but can’t ever get a chance to get to the green, he will really appreciate this!

 Gifts for your Grandma:

Is she the master of the kitchen? You want to make sure those recipes stay in the family forever, so this cookbook will be a keepsake for sure!

Maybe she’s a candle girl! If so, get her the candle that everyone loves in a jar that is almost as pretty as the scent!

Is she the world’s best grandma? Tell her! Or give her something special that she can see every day!

Gifts for Grandpa:

Nothing says I love you like a framed photo of you and your grandfather!

Is your grandpa the handiest of all men? Give him this custom engraved hammer and he will never forget how much you appreciate him!

Want to make sure he stays hydrated but also looks like the cool grandpa that he is? Swell has got just the thing!

Gifts for your Mother in Law:

A cute tea towel goes a long way! Get her one that fits her personality and she will call you her own for sure!

Does she want to learn something new? Calligraphy writing is all the rage these days! Get her a starter kit so she can try it for herself!

Do you think she deserves a break? Get her the gift of a massage and she will be forever grateful!

Gifts for your Father in Law:

Fancy headphones could be your Father in Law’s best friend! He can zone out and just relax anytime, anywhere!

A manly looking phone case might be just what he wants! Especially if he doesn’t have one at all now and everyone is afraid he’s going to crack his new phone!

Does he have to dress up for work or special occasions frequently? Get him a cute tie set and he will think of you every time he wears it!

We hope you and your family have the best holiday season! Stay tuned, because we’re doing a gift guide for friends and coworkers too!

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