2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Friends

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Now that you have your family covered, what are you getting for your friends?! We’ve broken the gifts up into categories so you can match the perfect present with the perfect friend!

Cozy Gifts

Who would say no to the coziest robe on the planet?! This one might be a bit of a splurge, but trust us, you will be getting thank you cards for years after you gift this gift!

This oversized wool scarf is sure to keep even your coldest friend warm. It can be worn as a regular scarf, or even a wrap.

New pajamas can change the way you sleep! Make sure your friend is getting the best sleep, while also looking good! Here are the cutest PJs for ladies, and here are very stylish ones for men.

The Girly Girl

Make the glow up real for your girlfriend! Treat her to this gift set and she will be blinding everyone all day!

Spice up her ear candy with some bright statement earrings! She can definitely rock these year-round.

This silk bow barrette is sure to sweeten up any outfit! Our favorite for the girly girl is the pink color, but any of these will be perfect!

Then Manly Man

Want to get this man a “beauty set” but don’t want him to freak out? We’ve got just the thing! This Hard Working Man’s Hygiene Kit will not only make a great gift, but he will actually use it!

This watch will look manly on his wrist, but also give him a bit of style to go along with it!

The ultimate manly necessity? A Yeti Cooler of course! Get this soft version for easy carry from tailgates, camping trips, or anything else!

The Stylish Friends

Does your guy friend have style but seriously lack in the loungewear department? Hook him up with these fitted sweatpants and he will look good 24/7.

Give your girlfriend the feel of luxury without the price tag to match! This faux fur stole will have her looking glamorous at any event she attends this winter!

These classic shades would look good on both your girlfriends and guy friends! Block the sun while looking absolutely cool in these Ray-Bans.

The New Homeowners

This mini set of candles will have their new house smelling like a dream! And the best part is, they get 5 candles in one set!

A new knife set is one of the best gifts a homeowner can receive! You never want to buy this kind of stuff for yourself, but I think we can all agree that the knives we’re using could be better.

A marble cheese board will add a touch of elegance to your friend’s new home! They can use it as a cheese board or serving platter for all of the parties for years to come!

The Techy Friend

Are they always complaining about slow internet? Get them the gift of boosted Wi-Fi!

Want to get them something to make their life easier? The Echo Dot from Amazon makes shopping a breeze!

This thermostat is not like any other! You can program it from your phone, and it automatically learns your pattern so it changes the temperature without you having to do anything!

For the Frenemy…

We all have that friend who really isn’t a friend but gets gifts for everyone so you feel obligated. We can help.

A lip scrubs is a cute gift, but sometimes it’s a necessary. Get the friend with forever chapped lips this gift and they will actually thank you…eventually.

Maybe they have greasy hair? This set of dry shampoos is cute but also very purposeful.

An assorted box of chocolates not given on Valentine’s Day basically says you don’t care, but these are fancy and come with a cute ribbon, so you’re good!

We hope these gift ideas helped you with your holiday shopping! We’re tackling your coworkers next! Not literally…with gift selections!

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