Women in the Tequila Industry: Terray Glasman

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By M.A. “Mike Morales” for Tequila Aficionado

July 4, 2017

Terray Glasman is the founder of Austin, Texas-based Amorada Tequila.

Born in Mexico City, Terray learned the meaning of responsibility very early on.

At age seven, she and her five other siblings moved to El Paso, Texas with their single mother.  At eighteen, her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to establish a telecommunications company, Monarch Advertising, in Los Angeles, California.

Tasked with supporting herself and raising a daughter, Terray quickly mastered independence, and what it took to operate a successful business.  She ran Monarch Advertising for over 30 years.

Terray also held a vision of helping others through her business efforts.  This vision became a reality when she founded the Amorada Love Movement (ALM).

ALM is a non-profit organization targeting young women by creating scholarships and teaching empowerment through the support of other local non-profits and fundraising.

Terray’s personal motto humbly strives to keep awareness to the cause behind her brand… MORE

This article originally appeared digitally at Tequila Aficionado on July 4, 2017. 

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