Representing The Idea, Not Just The Product

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PR and advertising agencies should not have favorite clients – or so we are told. If we do, the favor should spear to the higher monthly retainers, and not our personal attachment to the product or idea that we are representing. We are a business that has expenses. Larger accounts should equal more time investment and energy spent on awareness and advertising campaigns.

A warm-and-fuzzy place that entrepreneurs try to bury fervently. While I am blessed to represent many clients – across many industries – Equality Vodka had me at hello.

A luxury special-label vodka, their mission transcends the standard business model. While they create and strive to sell a product, what they are really selling is an idea: The idea that we are all created equal, and should be treated so.

Bert Gallagher and Doug Jacobson (co-founders of Equality Vodka) had an idea. Both self-described allies to the LGBT communities, they grew tired of the injustice that they witnessed to their gay and lesbian friends. Social injustice, political injustice, and so on. Determined, they searched for a way in which to offer support to the causes they deemed critical.

And they were successful. Over the course of the next year, Bert and Doug planned, organized and brainstormed incessantly, and their journey led them to the birth of a philanthropic trophy. The vodka would be a “union of luxury and excellence,” with a bold and splendid taste, but the brand would be the vehicle to spread the message of hope and equality, and enable them to give back to organizations that promote the advancement of LGBT causes.

Equality Vodka just celebrated their first birthday, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the attention that they have received. Celebrity endorsements, national coverage and supporters from around the globe. They are opening to new markets this year and continuing to spread the message of equality. I’ve been privy to many start-ups and it can be an arduous battle. But these gents never felt defeated, never once bowing to the inevitable pressures of a new business.

This client is personal to me. My love and appreciation for Equality Vodka has less to do with the monthly retainer or any fringe benefit attached to their account, and much more to do with representing the idea. As a publicist, I have the opportunity – and privilege – to help share their story. As a gay business owner, I have the honor of supporting and celebrating my community.

To learn more about Equality Vodka visit www.equalityvodka.com.

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