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10.Feb Advertising to the nation’s largest age group: Millennials
Posted at 10.Feb, 11:02h In Advertising By - 1 Comments

Millennials are the United States’ largest age group. At about 75-80 million they are a fourth of the country’s total population and yet very few companies are properly targeting...

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16.Jan The Greatest Marketing Disasters
Posted at 16.Jan, 04:01h In Advertising Uncategorized By - 0 Comments

The opening of the new Museum of Failure in Los Angeles got us thinking about why marketing and public relations are so important– at first we were going to...

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11.Jan Visual Voice Media’s Michael Gonzalez Dishes On Content Creation
Posted at 11.Jan, 12:01h In Advertising Design By - 0 Comments

Behind the lens with Michael Gonzalez We are a Dallas based full service public relations and advertising agency. We take our clients and their needs seriously, and work day-in...

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09.Jan KSAT San Antonio Features Amorada Tequila
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Our Dallas PR team always goes giddy when we are able to get media placement for our clients. There is a lot of competition for spirits spots, so we...

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Posted at 03.Jan, 12:01h In Press Release By - 0 Comments

Breathe in, Breathe out…Namaste. We are all about resolutions, and one of our newest clients is helping us bring those to a reality. On a personal level, our team...

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15.Dec Sean Charles joins JWA Public Relations to oversee content creation and strategic marketing
Posted at 15.Dec, 11:12h In Press Release By - 1 Comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, December 15, 2017 – J. Waylon & Associates (JWA), a Dallas-based public relations, brand development and advertising agency, has acquired Sean Charles to serve as an...

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01.Dec 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Coworkers
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Are you stumped when it comes to gifts for your coworkers? Or do you not even know if you’re supposed to get your coworkers presents? We can help! Anyone...

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29.Nov 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Friends
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Now that you have your family covered, what are you getting for your friends?! We’ve broken the gifts up into categories so you can match the perfect present with...

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28.Nov “Let’s Fix This” Is Creating Safer Neighborhoods One Spay At A Time
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There are basically two reasons why pet owners do not spay or neuter their animals: affordability and accessibility. A new initiative in Dallas has combated both of those hurdles...

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28.Nov 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Family
Posted at 28.Nov, 10:11h In Uncategorized By - 0 Comments

Are you freaking out because you don’t know what to get for everyone in your family for the holidays? Don’t worry, team JWA has got you covered! We have...

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